Monday, December 31, 2007

As Promised, my BCS defense

The BCS is very popular to bash. The hosts of ESPN’s shows, like College Game Day and even Sportscenter take shots at it, along with the ‘analysts.’ When they roll highlights of the I-AA playoffs, they often say things like “they are doing it the right way with a playoff.” Computers shouldn’t decide the National Championship they say.

Here’s what I say, the BCS is almost fine. In fact, there are only two things I recommend the BCS do. First, bring back the old formula with strength of schedule and quality wins as components. If the AP still doesn’t want to be apart then fine, but without these components a team like Kansas or Missouri can “make their case” for going to a BCS game despite playing no one.

Second, add the plus one game. Let the four BCS games pick whoever they want to pick. At the end of the day Jan 1, we should get a consensus #1 and #2, and let them play next week. For instance, this year Ohio State would play USC and LSU would possibly play Virginia Tech again or even Georgia. That would pretty much be all we needed to fix the “mess” this year.

How could I defend the BCS you say? Easy, it’s the sole reason that college football is so exciting. Every week we’re at the edge of our seats. After each upset, another team’s hopes and dreams go down the drain, making the experience that much more emotional.

Imagine if there was a playoff, West Virginia’s loss Pitt at the end of the season would be meaningless. This year, it was the sole reason they didn’t make it to the BCS championship game.

Second, a playoff would be hard to pull off. A lot of people suggest using the bowl games as sites or having an 8 or 12 team playoff and keeping the rest of the bowl games. Not only will that not fly politically, it’s just not practical.

Keep in mind that these players are technically student athletes. December for college students is basically finals month, then vacation. For a playoff to happen, something would have to give, practice or exam preparation. Even though many of them probably don’t care about their education, we have to at least give them a chance.

Third, football isn’t basketball. I think the main reason people want a playoff in football is because the playoffs in basketball is so exciting. Basketball doesn’t have the first two issues I addressed when it comes to their playoffs. In addition, it’s easy to play 32 games in about three weeks. Basketball isn’t as physically taxing as football, where you need about a week off just to recover.

Another thing to consider is that basketball teams are often closer in talent than football teams. The nature of the sports is different, so it’s harder to get a team full of blue chippers in basketball, because everyone wants their shine.

In football you can have a Top 5 QB, RB, OT, C, DE, LB, CB, and Safety on the same team and it’s all good. Also, the “Any Given Sunday” principle applies more to college basketball than football. In football, at the most there may be four or five teams with a semi-legit claim to the title. In basketball, you could have up to ten teams with a legit shot.

That’s my case. In fact, this year’s mess wasn’t really that messy. That’s the beauty of college football, just win all your games and play a quasi-tough schedule.

Ohio State lost once to a BCS team. LSU lost twice in triple overtime!

As for the rest, Hawaii didn’t play anybody. Kansas played a cream puff schedule and lost to Missouri. Missouri turned around and lost to Oklahoma. Oklahoma lost to Colorado and Texas Tech. Georgia lost to South Carolina and got dismantled by Tennessee. Virginia Tech got waxed by LSU, nuff said. USC lost at home … to STANFORD.

All of these teams with “gripes” defeated themselves. If USC would have just beat Stanford, they’d be in right now, etc.

Ohio State didn’t have a tough schedule, but they did what they had to do. After they get waxed by LSU, everything will be right with the world, as LSU has been the team that most people felt was the best anyway.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

US Placers

I'm enjoying the break so far ladies and gentleman, hopefully I'll be able to finally watch a decent college basketball game.

I'm also looking forward to that Boston/Detroit game tonight, it's about time the Celts made a TV appearance.

In music, Lupe Fiasco dropped the Album of the Year hands down. Lupe Fiasco's The Cool is a unique combination of concept songs that revolve around "The Cool" "The Streets" and "The Game," personifications of the ills of the world introduced to us through earlier Lupe works.

Additionally, he had a few tracks that were outside of the "cool" concept, but were still hot.

Definitely cop that if you haven't already. Besides that and Getback (another Little Brother classic), 2007 was another dull year for hip-hop as Graduation and Finding Forever were average and American Gangster was borderline awful.

Just for fun, here's a video for Us Placers. Hopefully this CRS project will take off.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Dolphins Win!!!!

Figured I'd like you guys to the playoff scenario's, which would also give me an excuse to celebrate the Dolphins first win of the season. Cleo Lemon is the man!

Miami Wins!!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Mitchell Report Edition of Quick Hits

How could I let such a monumental few days pass without another round of quick hits? I couldn't, of course so enjoy!


The infamous Mitchell Report finally dropped yesterday. But here’s what we all have really been waiting for, the list of names.

The report itself is a casserole of interviews with Kirk Radomski, Brian McNamee, and stuff we already knew. It’s kind of a waste of 400 pages, but it did reveal some things I speculated.

1. Everyone was on the juice. A bum was just as likely to use the juice as an All-Star. A pitcher was just as likely to use drugs as a slugger. A middle reliever was just as likely to use them as a leadoff man. Therefore, if most of the people were juicing then guys like Bonds and Clemens weren’t getting a competitive advantage but staying ahead.

2. Speaking of Clemens, it was sooooo obvious that he was on steroids. His career was just as improbable as Barry Bonds. His name even came up before in steroid speculation, but he was able to deny the allegations and move on. If he had people out to get him, like Bonds, I’m sure that this information would’ve been dug up along time ago.

3. Reactions prove that racism or hatred for Barry Bonds were part of the reason people were so mad in the first place. The writers are getting on TV and posturing like they will hold Clemens up to the same standard as people do Bonds, but I could hear the half-heartedness in their voices. It would be fitting if they both retired or left the game this year, because 5 years from now I can almost guarantee that Clemens will have an easier time getting into the Hall of Fame than Bonds. Regardless of the reasons why, there’s an obvious bias against the guy, down the fact that he was mentioned more times than anyone else in the Mitchell Report, when all the stuff that was said in it was pretty much old news.

All that said, I hope these guys were actually using, because they will now be taunted as cheaters for the rest of their careers. I still say don’t hate the player, hate the game, literally


Mario Williams is making people like me eat their words. I ripped him the shreds as an overrated prospect, a historically stupid #1 overall pick, and an underachiever.

Now, he’s balling harder than Vince Young (Madden Cursed) and Reggie Bush (always overrated).

In fact, he’s already the most prolific pass rusher in Houston Texans history, which is still kind of pathetic.

Still, props are due to Mario, and I’m now on the Mario Williams 4 Pro Bowl bandwagon.

As for the rest of the league, it looks like my NFC picks were dead wrong (again) and the Giants and Vikings have the playoff inside track.

Its all for naught, however, as Dallas is light years ahead of everyone else in the conference and should make it to the Super Bowl rather easily.


Not much to say here, besides STOP SHOWING THE SAME DAMN TEAMS EVERY WEEK!!!!!!

I've still yet to see an entire Celtics game, but I've seen at least 4 Miami Heat games, in which they lost all four, Shaq looked horrible, and their team as a whole looked atrocious.

College Bball

Haven't seen enough games to make a comment. Sorry folks.

College Fball

I promise my BCS rant is coming soon.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

T.O. Ether's Keyshawn

The proof is in the pudding.

Ethered. Keyshawn was always one of the most overrated receivers in the league. Now he's trashing every wideout he can from the booth, as he was never able to really be a big time receiver like T.O. or Chad Johnson.

I wonder what he has to say now. He's another ex-athlete that sucks in the booth, it's time for real analysts to get these jobs and dummies like Keyshawn to find something else to do.

Just for fun, lets go to the tale of the tape.

Keyshawn Johnson - 814 rec, 10,571 yards, 64 TD's. Career bests - 106 rec and 1,266 yards - 2001 Tampa Bay and 10 TD's 1998 - New York Jets
Terrell Owens (through 2006)- 801 rec, 11,804 yards, 114 TD's. Career bests - 100 rec - 2002 49ers, 1,451 yards - 2000 49ers, 16 TD's - 2001 49ers.

Pretty much no competition. Including this year Owens has 8 1,000 yard seasons and 7 seasons with 10+ touchdowns. He already has more yards and touchdowns this season than Johnson's best efforts in those categories. Keyshawn only had 4 1,000 yard seasons and only one season with 10 touchdowns.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Check out Agent Zero's Blog

In the middle of not doing my 15 page paper on 'German explanations to American Economic Problems,' I visited the Sports Guy's World and checked out his new post. His post directed me here, Gilbert Arenas' blog.

His blog is becoming a must read. His musings about NBA player contracts is definately real talk.

Okafor, you're not Dwight Howard baby, you have to ball like him to get D-Howard change. He's having an All-NBA season and his team is the 2nd best team in the East. You're playing like an average center for a moderately crappy Eastern Conference team.

All of the other players he mentioned were smoking something when they turned down those deals too. GM's aren't as dumb as they were now, and bad contracts aren't being signed as often as they used to.

In fact, part of that reason might be because the players are too dumb to sign the contracts, and end up getting their true value on the free agent market opposed to signing a high priced contract extension.


Monday, December 10, 2007

More Guns Aren't the Answer ...

I came across an interesting article in USA Today about athlete's reaction to Sean Taylor's death.

Not surprisingly, many of them said they plan on protecting themselves by buying more guns and getting meaner dogs.

Personally, I think some athletes are among some of the dumbest people around. They get skated through school at all levels, due to the financial benefits their athletic prowess could benefit a school.

So at the expense of their own education, they're treated like kings and pushed on to the next level of school, regardless of their true academic ability.

Getting off my soapbox, the way to protect yourself in this situation is not to increase the potential of violence.

Don't put yourself in these situations!!!!!!!!! Traditionally, "flossing" has been a method of showing off for people who don't really have a lot of money, or are just coming into their own financially.

Athletes have no need for that. Why make it rain for these hoes? Why show off when you really do have tons of money. Its pointless.

Why not have a real bodyguard? I think part of the reason why athletes don't go with legit security is because many people in their entourage, sometimes including themselves, still do illegal things.

Unfortunately, there really isn't much of a solution. These guys are probably going to continue to run with the wrong crowds. The possibility of murder is just another new wrinkle to the consequences involved in running with people who have their priorities messed up.

Add that to the list that features gun and drug charges, loss of endorsements, being blacklisted from the league, and now dogfighting charges.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The high cost of small football

I go to Drexel University. There's a lot complaints about our lack of a football team on campus. I've argued against having a team before, but I understand why people would want football.

After doing further investigation, I was able to track down some people who helped give me insight to some of the financial factors of college football. Enjoy!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Random BCS/Hawaii Note

This isn’t my annual defense of the BCS rant, which is scheduled to appear on Sportsology for the first time as soon as I’m done with all my college-related obligations.

In the meantime, allow me to rant and rail against Hawaii and its supporters. The University of Hawaii Warriors are the most suspect undefeated college football team in a long, long, long, long, time.

I know nobody wanted to play them and they had scheduling problems, but it is what it is, they didn’t play anybody.

They’ve played two one-loss teams, two two-loss teams, and only 3 teams (Fresno St., Nevada, Boise State) with a .500 record or better.

More importantly, they’re not that good.

Have any of these people who are crying foul about Hawaii being left out of the national championship in favor of LSU or Ohio State actually watched Hawaii play?

They are an exciting, but average football team at best. A good team with a good defense, like Georgia, will rattle Colt Brennan and keep Hawaii’s offense in check.

Additionally, Colt Brennan isn’t that good at quarterback, despite the gaudy numbers. Watching him throw and the U of Hawaii legend Timmy Chang throw, its not even close. Chang takes that one in a landslide.

Look for Georgia to dominate Hawaii in this season's Sugar Bowl, Colt Brennan to throw ducks, and for good measure, LSU to dominate Ohio State and show that they were the best team in the nation this season, although I’ve always thought they were a tad overrated.

Without getting too far into it, one of the biggest reasons why the BCS is getting torched again this year is the fact that there wasn’t a great team this year. All the good teams were solid at best.

More on this to come later.